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Delaney George is a New Orleans-raised photographer, director, and visual artist. In her practice, George most often portrays the black femme narrative through a series of photoshoots she fully conceptualizes. Most concepts come to George in a series of dreams or visions. George's work aims to extract feeling from the viewer by consistently portraying themes of nostalgia, femininity, and history re-imagined. 


George’s work has been said to be a side of fine art photography that is both a contemporary ode to the past and a safe space to display figures in spaces they aren't commonly represented or historically welcomed.

​Clients Include Lack of Color AUS, Forever 21, Essence Festival, and more. 



2019, Stella Jones Fine Art Gallery, Lion’s Shadow, New Orleans, LA


2019, Essence x Coca Cola, “Sisterhood” activation, New Orleans, LA


2020, Woman Made Gallery, Moments Like This, Chicago, IL


2021, Barrett Art Center, Lucious, Tasty, Delicious, Poughkeepsie, NY


2022, Gallery 90220, Till: Impact of Images, Los Angeles, CA 


2023, FRIEZE LA, Gallery 90220, Los Angeles, CA


solo exhibitions: 


2022, Gallery 90220, Parallel Kin, Los Angeles, CA


2023, Gallery 90220, Notre Recit, Los Angeles, CA


2023, Martine Chaisson Gallery, Notre Recit, New Orleans, LA




2022, New Orleans Museum of Art, “Called to the Camera: Black American Studio Photographers”, New Orleans, LA


2023, Gallery 90220, “Who she found in the Looking Glass”, Los Angeles, CA 

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